Your journey to a natural weight loss and healthy diet plan through Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet General Rules

The rules in the Dukan Diet is not different from any diet program. A set of rules is always present to complement the program. Read more.....

4 Phases General Rules

To be successful in the stages of the Dukan diet, one must follow the rules set for each phase. The key to success for this diet is discipline. Check out the rules for Attack Phase, Cruise Phase, Consolidation Phase and Stabilization Phase. Read more....

Dukan Diet method is a natural weight loss program that offers anyone a healthy eating plan. As Dr Pierre Dukan mentioned in the Official Dukan site, you can "eat as much as you want" with this diet.

Featured Recipe

Beginner's Recipe: Oat Bran Turkey Meatball Soup

News and Features

If you are ready to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and physical wellness, you can find in this site different recipes that suits each phasese, frequently asked questions about the Dukan diet. We'll stay with you in your journey throughout the proogram.

More features coming soon!


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